Take a Trip to the Wisconsin Dells

Take a Trip to the Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin DellsPeople who have time to spare during their trip to Seattle should check out the Wisconsin Dells. The Wisconsin Dells are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Midwest. Part amusement park, part natural and geological wonder, part city; the Dells and the surrounding area offers some of the best entertainment options anywhere in the world.

One of the factors that has led to the Dells becoming such a popular year-round attraction are the existence of indoor, year-round water parks. The biggest and best of these is Noah’s Ark. This park contains 36 slides, two wave pools, two endless rivers, mini-golf, twelve restaurants, and lounges.

For nature lovers, the Dells contain beautiful natural areas with wonderful eroded sandstone cliffs and cool fern-filled gullies. A particularly good place to see unspoiled nature is Mirror Lake State Park. This park has the best of what the area has to offer, including a pristine lake with a great beach.

Other activities available in the park include fishing, boating, canoeing, camping, hiking, sunbathing, horseback riding, and some great dining. Some great locations for some of these activities are the Great Wild Lodge, Treasure Island, and Kalahari Resort.

Madison, the capital of the state, is within an hour’s drive of the Dells. This hip town has long been a hotbed for political radicalism and of course, a home for college students. With one of the largest populations per capita of college students in the world, this town has a great range of art museums, bars, and coffee shops.

The Dells are located along I-94 near Madison. I-94 goes east on towards Milwaukee and Chicago and west through Minneapolis and all the way to Seattle. I-90 also passes through Madison and goes onto Boston in the east. The international airport in Madison has flights to most major cities in the Midwest and East Coast.